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Spring is almost here! Warmer weather, beautiful sunshine, flowers in bloom and longer days. I am so over Winter and I am glad that Spring is just around the corner. Yesterday was such a glorious ‘Winter’ day that I thought an early dinner and some quality chill-out time in St Kilda with friends was in […]

I’ve always wondered, is there any difference between a biscuit and a cookie? After doing a Google search (one of the best things ever invented), it seems that there is. In America, a cookie is a small, sweet, flat baked product and a biscuit is a type of small bread that is made using either […]

If I could describe a lemon in one word, I would describe it as ‘happy’. Why ‘happy’ you may ask? I don’t know why, but their bright yellow skin and citrus-y smell just conjure up memories of fun times like running around in the backyard with friends and drinking homemade lemonade in summer to cool […]