A lazy Sunday afternoon in St Kilda…



Spring is almost here! Warmer weather, beautiful sunshine, flowers in bloom and longer days. I am so over Winter and I am glad that Spring is just around the corner.

Yesterday was such a glorious ‘Winter’ day that I thought an early dinner and some quality chill-out time in St Kilda with friends was in order. The temperature peaked at 22.7 degrees and it was just perfect.


My originally intended having a Spring-inspired recipe to accompany this post, but I kind of got distracted and decided to stay all night at the beach instead of coming home early to bake (can you blame me though, when the weather was as glorious as this?) So, this will just be a short post, full of random photos. Enjoy!

One of Acland Street’s patisseries displaying their wide array of yummy treats…



And you can only top off the day with a big cup or cone of gelati from 7 Apples (75 Acland Street, St. Kilda). Try the pannacotta flavoured gelati – it’s my favourite!


The Esplanade…


Of all Melbourne’s beaches, St. Kilda’s beach doesn’t rank that very high at all. It is rather blah (it has lumpy/pebbly sand and the gross murky water isn’t very attractive), but this sunset just made my day…



One Response to “A lazy Sunday afternoon in St Kilda…”

  1. 1 nut

    I MISS ST KILDA!! Didn’t manage to make my way down the last time I was in the country either!

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