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Question: What can I bake without an oven?! Answer: nothing! After 18 looooong years, my parents have finally decided to update our kitchen. Currently it is an empty shell, with bits of plaster and tiling just lying about… Gone are the cupboards, the sink, the oven, the tiles, the benchtops, the fridge, the rangehood, the […]

Some bloggers are obsessed with blogging. Me? I love writing on this blog and it is still fairly new but I’m not obsessed… yet :) Although I am not a daily blogger, I find myself developing strange blogging habits: When shopping (and especially at markets), I scour the tables/shelves for unusual pieces (such as bowls […]

Baking can be quite overwhelming at first. When you start getting into it, you may burn a few lots of cookies, a cake or two may come out a bit flat or it just doesn’t taste right. I first started baking when I was around 13 and it’s taken me a while to get the […]