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For the first time ever, I dropped a whole cake. I’m actually rather accident prone and I tend to break things, spill drinks, burn food and fall over my own two feet. Today was no exception. I made a beautiful orange cake this afternoon and followed the recipe, step by step without skipping a beat. […]

“If you don’t get rid of those disgusting bananas in the freezer, I will make you eat them all!” screeched my mother this morning, as she was cleaning out the deep freeze. I have a habit of storing overripe bananas in the freezer and my mum hates them (she doesn’t hate bananas, she just hates […]

After last month’s nasty incident (see here), yesterday I finally managed to visit the Collingwood Farmers’ Market with my great friend Bree. The market is held at the Collingwood Children’s Farm and it’s a good place for young children to interact with the herd of animals that call the farm home. The children are able […]