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To celebrate Australia Day yesterday, I spent all day at the beach in Williamstown just chilling out with a few friends. We had a couple of beers, enjoyed some munchies and it was quite relaxing. It was beautifully warm day, but unfortunately, the weather was very Melbourne and erratic as ever, with sunshine one minute, […]

Mango Tart


Just for your information, getting flour in the eye hurts like fucking hell. You’re probably asking “who the hell gets flour in their eyes?” Well I did today and it was not a good look! Let me set the scene… I am standing at my kitchen bench, ready to make the sweet shortcrust dough using […]

I was invited to a last minute morning tea with a few old work friends today, hosted by my lovely friend Bree (I call her the assistant editor of this blog as she picks up all of my little mistakes and she’s also my ‘props guru’, as I borrow plates and cups from her to […]