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Yep, I admit it, I’m an internet junkie. I use it every single day and I think I would have withdrawal symptoms without it. I use it to check the weather, pay my bills, find out the latest news, email, chat, blogs, shopping, download music or movies, catch up with friends on Facebook, read restaurant […]

Back in March 2006, Australia literally went bananas without bananas. You see, banana crops in northern Queensland were destroyed as a result of Cyclone Larry (hurricanes and cyclones are the same-ish if you’re wondering). Over 95% of the crops were depleted and we went without bananas for a very long time. Once they returned, they […]

Meringues can be tricky things to make but it’s not as hard as it may seem. I’ve had friends call me in despair when their meringues have failed dismally (yes you Susie!) and when I posted these little mocha babies, I received quite a few emails and comments asking me for help on how to […]