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Ever since I made my wicked banana cake for a morning tea event held last month at work, I’m beginning to gain a reputation for being a good baker/cook and now I am always harassed to make something. “When will you be bringing in some sweets, Linda? … It’s my birthday tomorrow, please bake me […]

I was going to experiment with chai-flavoured cupcakes this weekend, hence the photo, but ‘unfortunately’ I don’t have time to because I’m too busy celebrating my birthday! I know, what a shame :) I turned the big 22 yesterday and I have the whole weekend filled with food, fun and friends. Yay! So in this […]

Crème Caramel


Crème caramel to the French, flan to the those in the Spanish speaking countries. Whatever you want to call it, until tonight, I had never tasted this old-school dessert before. My only experience with them has been salivating over them in foodie magazines, recipe books or on television cooking shows. You don’t often see them […]