Strawberries with Cinnamon Mascarpone


Nothing makes me happier than sunny, warm weather, exploring open spaces, taking photos in magical light, spending quality time with my boy and indulging in good food and wine. Luckily for me, I was able to have all of it on the weekend.

I have just returned from a weekend getaway to the Yarra Valley in Victoria’s north-east. This place is known for its lush greenery, wonderful regional produce and fabulous wineries. It is only 45 minutes from Melbourne, yet it feels like a totally different world and is a fantastic place for a foodie/wino to visit, even if it’s just for the day.

The weather was so lovely and warm and on our last day there, I wanted to finish with a simple dessert which wouldn’t take too much time to prepare.

As there is nothing better than seasonal fresh fruit, we happily consumed a big bowl of fresh local strawberries with a rich cinnamon mascarpone cream. Just perfect for Spring!

I hope you enjoy the random photographs that I shot whilst in the Yarra Valley too :)

Strawberries and Cinnamon Mascarpone

500g strawberries, washed

250g mascarpone cheese

a few big tablespoons of icing sugar

ground cinnamon

  1. Mix the mascarpone with the icing sugar and cinnamon to taste.
  2. Serve with the strawberries. That’s it!

14 Responses to “Strawberries with Cinnamon Mascarpone”

  1. This looks so so good, way better than chocolate covered strawberries! I’m bookmarking this come Valentines Day!

  2. Absolutely gorgeous berries. I will think about them until spring time, just 7 more months to go. Lovely post!

  3. Delicious snack!

  4. Gorgeous. I love marscapone. Never thought of mixing cinnamon in it though. Your photos are beautiful.

  5. That looks wonderful and your photographs are beautiful.

  6. GREAT site! I love your recipes & the photos are drool worthy ….

  7. The photos are really beautiful and mascarpone paired with strawberries is always a tasty combination, I haven’t tried it with cinnamon, but next summer I will.

  8. Beautiful looking.

  9. You’re so lucky that you’re moving into the warm months! This recipe looks so delicious, I’ll save it for next year when strawberries come back into season here in New York! Beautiful pictures as well!!

  10. I’ve never tried this with cinnamon but I bet it’s deelish. Amazing photos!

  11. Strawberries on your photo look very beautiful and yummie.

    I usually add tiny bit of rum into mascarpone but it has to be good quality rum not the cheap one which costs as much as bottle of juice :).

    Next time when I make that kind of strawberry treat I’ll try with cinnamon.

  12. What an beautiful place! Very peaceful. The berries are splendid!

  13. 13 susan morhart

    I’m going to serve this at our inauguration party. Unfortunately, two important guests will be absent: President Obama will be about ten miles away in Washington, D.C. and my cousin in Woodend, Victoria who’s about 10,000 miles away.

  14. Well, thankyou Susan for setting such a precedent, Strawberries and Mascarpone will now also be served at my housewarming – the 31st in your honour. I’m thinking Blackberries and Elderberries also :)

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