Yes, I’m still alive…



… and terribly sorry for being so slack as of late with this blog! It has been eight weeks, yep, eight weeks, since I have last updated Butter Sugar Flour and after reading all the “where are you?” emails I have received from you wonderful readers, I thought I had better explain why it’s been so long since I had made something delicious and shared it with you.

In the last two months I have started a new full-time job working at Yellow Pages (take that GFC!) and gone back to study marketing at university part-time in the evenings. Studying whilst working full-time is never an easy task, but I never anticpated the course to be so demanding both mentally and physically and to take up so much of my “spare” time but it certainly has. With my new commitments, I have to juggle work, study, exercise, time with friends and family and time for fun things like photography and baking. My DSLR is literally gathering dust in the corner of my bookshelf and I can’t even remember the last time I even turned the oven on to whip up a cake or a batch of biscuits. I think I’ve even forgotten how to do it! I have promised myself that I will get stuck into it come Easter time when I am on my mid-semester break.

Apologies my friends, I will be back on board soon!

Linda xxx


16 Responses to “Yes, I’m still alive…”

  1. Hurray! Glad you are still around.

  2. As a full-time grad student and dietitian, I totally understand! Take your time – we’ll still be here when you return!



  3. We’ve missed you! I hope you re enjoying your classes and look forward to hearing some updates in the future.

  4. Can’t wait to have you back soon!

  5. 7 jo

    I have been logging into your blog every now and then hoping for a new post. I am so glad you have not abandoned it and look foward to more of your creations. Take care!

  6. 8 Eva

    I think it’s pretty impressive to manage so many commitments! Enjoy your mid-semester break!

  7. 9 Lisa

    Glad to hear you’re still around! Good luck with the juggling, can’t wait to see what you come up with next :)

  8. 10 joey

    Good luck on your classes and on your new job! :)

  9. 11 Cec

    Yay Linda…enjoy your mini-break! Hope the juggling gets easier as time goes on.

  10. Your blog is wonderful! I’m a new reader and hope you keep posting. Looking forward to trying the sugared donuts.

  11. Hey friend!

    Good luck with all you have going on! That’s big stuff! Make you you take out that fancy camera for a spin every once in a while. It’s good for the soul!

  12. Love this picture. Just discovered your blog and am waiting for your return.

  13. Thank you everyone. A new blog post is coming!

    Joy – hello stranger! Photography is definitely good for the soul…

  14. 16 joey

    Hello! Good to hear from you! Take your time…juggling work and school is admirable :)

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