French Toast with Spiced Pears


French toast1

To tweet or not to tweet? That is the question that has been on my mind for the last few weeks or so (well that and “should I pay $3000 for a new MacBook Pro?”). It seems that Twitter is “like, the coolest thing everrrrr” right now and I’m wondering if it’s worth jumping on the bandwagon. Do people actually want updates on what I am doing? Do I want to hear about Oprah gushing about puppies, or when Ashton Kutcher reaches his two million followers or what my boss’ wife made for dinner last night or what every other person in the world is doing at that very second? I know it’s a great networking tool and understand that technology is just evolving by allowing us to communicate and connect  with each other more easily, but do we really have to go this far now?


It’s similar to the Facebook phenomenon. Everyone seems to be on Facebook, making ‘friends’, joining common groups and generally spending hours stalking ex-boyfriends/ex-girlfriends/potential partners/friends you wish death upon. Don’t get me wrong, I have a Facebook account and I quite like it. I can see what my friends and family are up to, from those that live down the road, to workmates I see five days a week, to family on the other side of the globe. It’s great… but  the constant status updates of pure drivel from everyone are really starting to do my head in. Worthy examples include:

‘Amy just ate a bowl of milk-less cereal’

‘Christine wore purple socks today!’

‘Kevin is waiting for the 501 bus’

I either have really dull ‘friends’ or just really unimaginative ones, haha! But seriously, before Facebook and Twitter came along, who would have thought to share with the world every boring detail of our lives?

French toast

But back to the original point, to tweet or not to tweet? Do I join? Hmm… not sure yet. Maybe I should only follow people who actually compose interesting tweets (but we all know that the majority don’t!).  I’m a bit unsure at this point, but I reckon if I joined today, my first tweet would be:

Hungry? Get this French toast in your belly. You know you want to :)

French Toast with Spiced Pears

Serves 4.

3 eggs

½ cup milk

1 tablespoon caster sugar

½ teaspoon ground cinnamon

8 thick slices of white bread

butter, to fry


3 large pears, peeled, cored, quartered

30g butter

¼ cup brown sugar

good splash of maple syrup

1 teaspoon ground cinnamon

maple syrup, to serve

  1. For pears: in a small saucepan, melt butter until slightly foamy and the crackling noises stop. This is the water coming out of the butter. Add pears, sugar, cinnamon and maple syrup and mix well. Cook over moderate heat until pears are cooked through.
  2. For French toast: in a large bowl, combine all ingredients. Melt a tablespoon or so of butter in a large non-stick saucepan. Wait until foamy, then dip the bread into the egg mixture, place into hot pan and fry until golden brown. Repeat with remaining bread.
  3. To serve, place the French toast on a plate, topped with pears and extra maple syrup.

Cream, vanilla ice-cream or plain yoghurt make nice accompaniments.

Pears in pan


32 Responses to “French Toast with Spiced Pears”

  1. 1 Anna

    I’m with you on twitter.. I don’t really ‘get it’. I’ve joined up, I followed a few people a few people followed me but I don’t really feel like I have anything interesting enough to say to be tweeting regularly. And I think you need to be on your computer most of the day of twittering from your phone to really get into it… unless I’m missing something? Anyway I’ve given up on it but I will be definitely trying some french toast with spiced pears, it looks beautiful and I have people coming over for brunch tomorrow, perfect. Thanks!

  2. 2 Rosa

    Delicious! This sweet treat is terribly tempting!



  3. Love your pictures, but especially the one of the sliced pears. And I don’t really know you, but I know you don’t need twitter!

  4. 4 Linda

    Thanks everyone!

  5. I am such a tech dinosaur that I am quite happt sticking with bloging. There is enough to do reading those and writing my own. I can’t be doing with Twitter, Facebook, Bebo, etc, etc. Perhgaps I really am alone in the world?????

  6. 6 Lisa

    I quite like twitter, but I don’t tweet quite so prolifically as some :P your photos are seriously amazing, I will definitely be making this in the near future.

  7. I love the idea of spiced pears with french toast -it sounds delicious!

  8. 8 dawn

    wonderful! I am ready!

  9. I could have used this recipe about two weeks ago! It looks beautiful.

  10. 10 Dani

    oh this looks like something i would enjoy waking up to :)

  11. 11 lailablogs

    looks absolutely delicious .. its a must try … Laila ..

  12. 12 Elyse

    Sorry that I’ve been an absent commenter; I just finished up my law school exams and am finally getting around to my google reader. This treat looks fabulous! I love a good French toast, and your use of the pears is fabulous. Oh, and about the tweeting…I have no idea. I joined Twitter, but I’ve never once Tweeted. Ooops!

  13. 13 Eva

    Although I can see the advantages of facebook, I haven’t really gotten into it as most of my spare online time is either for reading blogs or blogging myself. So twitter would be the last thing on my mind – I’d rather spend time gazing at your french toast with pears..;-)

  14. That french toast is way better than twitter! I’m using it, but I really don’t see what the big deal is.

  15. 15 Irene

    How funny, I just posted about french toast with spiced apples last night! This looks wooow delicious! Lovely photos.

  16. 16 Robin

    I find that twitter is a great way to keep up with my food-blogger friends, though I’ve found that I comment A LOT less on blogs than I used to (hence me commenting here now, trying to correct my ways!) because I spend my old “comment” time on twitter now.

    And ohmybuhgeehzuz! that french toast looks good!

  17. This sounds wonderful!

    P.S. Had you ‘tweeted’, I would have missed it. Evidently, I signed up for an acct., but I’ve slept since then and I can’t remember the sign-in or password, I’m useless at Twitter. That’s okay. This is one time in my life I actually enjoyed being ‘Twit’ less.


  18. WOW…this looks SO delicious!!!!

  19. 19 Megan

    I’m not sure on Twitter either. I have signed up – and made a few of those “uninteresting” tweets you speak of. At this point, I am not sure if I should just close my account – or keep tweeting.

    Anyways – the french toast looks absolutely yummy!

  20. 20 joey

    I totally understand! I have a Twitter account but I haven’t been on it for so long…

    This french toast and those pears look divine! Must find pears…

  21. oh my god….this looks amazing.

  22. 22 andrea

    Oh wow, that looks delish and I don’t even like pears. Usually.
    I was so glad to read that someone else in the world finds all of those constant updates people do on Facebook total drivel and pointless. I jumped on the bandwagon at first, with the FB and Twitter and finally just shut both accounts down as I couldn’t take spending hours reading about so and so clipping their toenails or the pimple that another so and so was pissed about. WHO CARES???
    BTW, love your blog!

  23. I love french toast and make it with spiced apples but the spiced pears look divine (I’m sure they taste it too).. I’ll have to give this a go on the long weekend!

  24. i do not tweet, nor do i understand the appeal of it. i also don’t have an FB account, but do from time to time think about signing up. i am all over that french toast, on the other hand! looks so good!

  25. 25 jules

    I have to confess I used to feel the same way about twitter until I joined. Sure there are some really inane things but I’ve also discovered a heap of great people which makes it all worthwhile.

    I’ve just forked out a heap of cash for a macbook pro and am totally in love! it’s so worth it.

    the french toast looks to die for. particiularly love your first shot. yum.

  26. 26 Elga

    Simply marvellous!

  27. your blog is great…the food looks sooo tasty that i want to lick my screen.

    as for twitter. i think you should. think of it as an extension of your blog. you don’t have to be as socially neurotic as some an post every time you sleep and $%%^, but we wouldn’t mind reading about what you are eating, where and whether or not it’s good. and, you can set up your blog to automatically tweet when you’ve created a new post. it’s kinda like a news alert.

  28. 28 Von

    Your comments about Twitter stayed with me for several days until I resolved not to tweet about the minutiae of my life! It turns out I don’t really want to read those tweets from others so what’s good for the goose…

    I’m loving your blog,

  29. 29 Chanel

    Just made these – really yum and easy.

  30. 30 nastassia

    thanks for the recipe, i tried it this morning. It was very very good.

  31. 31 greentea00

    hi..first time here..i love ur pix…so so so nice…will definitely try your recipes at home in the wkends..thanks so much for sharng here!!

  32. Just discovered your blog today, and I’m loving it! I will definitely try this soon! I blogged about you!

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