I can’t stop buying cookbooks! Help!!

Currently enjoying…

Arabesque – Greg and Lucy Malouf

The Perfect Scoop – David Lebovitz

Secrets from the Red Lantern – Pauline Nguyen

Books on my shelf…

The Kitchen Diaries – Nigel Slater

Holiday – Bill Granger

Every Day– Bill Granger

Modern Classics 1 – Donna Hay

Modern Classics 2 – Donna Hay

Mix and Bake – Belinda Jeffrey

Jamie’s Dinners – Jamie Oliver

The Food I Love – Neil Perry

The Cook’s Companion – Stephanie Alexander

Bills – Bill Granger

Baking From My Home To Yours – Dorie Greenspan

Matt Moran – Matt Moran

How To Be A Domestic Goddess – Nigella Lawson

Simply Bill – Bill Granger

Two’s Cooking – Jane Strode & Jeremy Strode

Good Food – Neil Perry

Baking with Julia – Dorie Greenspan

Where The Heart Is – Karen Martini

Let It Simmer – Sean Moran

Marie Claire Flavours – Donna Hay

Marie Claire Food+Drink – Michele Cranston

Epicure Chocolate – Kylie Walker (editor)

Baking Handbook – Martha Stewart

Off the Shelf – Donna Hay

The Ice Cream Book – Joanna Farrow & Sara Lewis

Chocolate – Delia Smith

Delicious Let’s Entertain – Valli Little (editor)

More from Magnolia – Alyssa Torey

Marie Claire Kitchen – Michele Cranston

The Complete Book of Preserves and Pickles – Catherine Atkinson

Cakes, Biscuits and Slices – Australian Women’s Weekly

3 Ways With – Ross Dobson

500 Cupcakes – Fergal Connolly

Gorgeous Cakes – Annie Bell

Tempted – Murdoch Books

Homebaked – Australian Women’s Weekly

Foolproof Cakes – Mary Berry

500 Cookies – Phillippa Vanstone & Susannah Blake

Cookies – Australian Women’s Weekly

The Crabapple Bakery Cupcake Book – Jennifer Graham

Cupcakes – Australian Women’s Weekly

Chocolate – Donna Hay

Marie Claire Breakfast – Jody Vassallo

Sweet Food – Murdoch Books

Fruit – Donna Hay

Pastries and Breads – Jane Price

Picnic Hamper – Jane Price

The Age Good Food Guide 2008 – John Lethlean & Necia Wilden (editors)

The Foodie’s Guide to Melbourne 2007 – Allan Campion & Michele Curtis

The Foodies’ Guide to Melbourne 2008 – Allan Campion & Michele Curtis

The Foodies Guide to Sydney 2008 – Helen Greenwood & John Newton

My wishlist (soon to be put on the credit card)…

Saha, Turquoise – Greg Malouf & Lucy Malouf

Appetite – Nigel Slater


26 Responses to “Bookshelf”

  1. Hi Linda!

    I have the same proplem! I love cookbooks too!

    I just bumped into your blog…a really nice one!



  2. Wow! I envy your collection! I am just starting out and it’s not nearly enough for me. I was thinking of getting the Baking with Julia book you have, and then Alice Waters’ Art of Simple Food. I want to get a good basic cookbook, but I am not sure which one. Any advice or thoughts?

  3. Ali, hello! Thanks for stopping by :)

    Amanda – Great choice with ‘Baking with Julia’ as it’s an excellent baking book. As for a good, simple and basic cookbook, “The Cook’s Companion’ by Stephanie Alexander is excellent, but is an Australian book, so it may not be readily available. Anything by Alice Waters is a classic :) Jamie Oliver’s books are great basics too.

  4. So I perused my book store and couldn’t find the book by Stephanie Alexander. But I picked up the new edition of Martha Stewart’s baking book and was thinking about buying it. But a lot of people don’t enjoy Martha and her recipes. Do you like the baking handbook you have?

  5. 5 Linda

    Martha’s ‘Baking Handbook’ is pretty good and covers heaps of different baking areas. I like it, but sometimes I find it a bit tedious in converting the measurements into metric, being the Aussie that I am :) I think you should get it!

    A piece of advice though, when I don’t know whether I should buy a specific book or not, I try to and see if I can borrow it from the local library or a friend first, trial a few recipes and peruse the book for a while before deciding to purchase it or not. Online reviews are also helpful in making a decision :)

  6. Thanks so much for posting your list of cookbooks. Being a student, I can’t exactly buy all of the baking books that catch my fancy, so it helps to know what other bakers are using. I’m such a big fan of Dorie Greenspan’s blog, so I’ll have to check out her books as well.

  7. No worries Cecilia! I was a student once (and might be again soon), so I know what it’s like to have limited funds to buy books :) Dorie’s ‘Baking From My Home To Yours’ is an excellent book to buy.

  8. 8 Lisa

    Hi Linda, that is an impressive collection :) Just wondering where you bought your Dorie Greenspan book? I’ve had my eye out in all the book shops I can think of in Sydney, I’m *this close* to just ordering it from!

  9. Hey Lisa! Get it get it get it! It’s a great book and I must say, the best American baking book I own. I got it from Amazon quite a while back now and paid around $45 Australian (with postage). You’ll probably get it for even cheaper considering the excellent exchange rate now!

    The only annoying thing about the book is that the recipes are in imperial measurements so a bit of converting must be done before baking. Online converters are quite handy for that :)

  10. 10 diana

    my dear, I have PLENTY of books to.
    I live in Milan (italy), but actually buy english, french, american stuff to.. seems like bad drug to me :) dunno exactily how many books I’ve got, but I have collected at least 20 of them in the last two weeks.. I love cooking, but studying all these receipes is even better.. and thoght people generally loves my creations, I really do prefer reading my receipes and preparing stuff than eating and tasting..
    it is pretty a relief to hear somebody else’s like me.. ^_^
    so thanks!
    if you wish to write me, you can use my email:


  11. 11 Belinda MacDonald

    can I just ask, The cookbook “Delicious, Lets Entertain” does it have the recipe by Nigella Lawson for Chocolate Raspberry Pudding cake?

  12. Diana – thank you! I have sent you an email :)

    Belinda – it sure does! I’m more than happy to scan it and email it you!

  13. Hi,

    Nice collection of cookbooks but let me tell you about a few others.

    First I have to say I totally agree with you about the baking for others and for your own pleasure. I love to bake and give it to people to see their facial reaction to said gift. It is the best. I was also going to go to school, the first time some family situation happened and I couldn’t go ( i really wanted to go), the second time I realized I didn’t, I wanted to enjoy the gift of baking and not hate it later.

    Edna Lewis, if you haven’t heard of her you should look her up and read her recipes like a novel…

    Lisa Yorkelson..Baking by Flavor….love her stuff too

    I love the name of this cookbook, this ones for fun, Being Dead is no Excuse…it is the southern womans guide to hosting the perfect funeral dishes…

    Ina Garten…any of them

    Enjoy…and I like your blog….


  14. I stumbled across your blog when I searched for a carrot cupcake recipe and I’m thrilled that I did! love your photos AND your recipes!!

  15. 15 Angela

    Hi Linda-

    I just found your blog and quite enjoy browsing it!

    I think collecting cookbooks should be considered an addiction. I have well over 100 (closer to 200) cookbooks, not including subscriptions to Gourmet and Saveur magazines. Also, this is not counting the cookbooks I’ve tired of and donated to the local library.

    I agree about Dorie Greenspan. I think she’s right up there when it comes to baking. Another great author is Flo Braker (baking). I also recommend Tyler Florence (his Hong Kong style salmon cakes are SO good!!) I’ve got his cookbooks but some of his recipes are available online. Here is the one for the salmon cakes:

    I’ve never tried any of Nigella Lawson’s recipes, and would love to try the Chocolate Raspberry Pudding cake. Could you email it to me, too?


  16. 16 Jessica

    May I strongly, STRONGLY recommend Pure Desserts by Alice Medrich… I just made her Sherry Olive Oil Poundcake for a dinner party, and no one has been able to stop talking about it since.

  17. 17 kear

    Hi Linda,

    Im from Thailand and just accidently (luckily) found your blog when i search for “Chocolate cookies” :p and just have to say what an impressive collection! keep up nice work, i’ll keep comin back to ur blog



  18. Linda!

    Are we twins seperated at birth? Your cookbook selection is a mirror of mine! Just found your blog through A-M looks great. Cant wait to see more of it and have added you :)

  19. 19 Natalie

    Hi Linda,

    I think I have met my spiritual sister! I love baking and also have a rather embarrassing collection of recipe books, some of which I have never used. Your blog is fantastic, as an Aussie living overseas I also love reading your stories about Melbourne, my favourite city in Australia (despite being a Brissie girl!). Your recipes and pictures are great. I can’t wait to try some of them…thanks!!!


  20. Hi Linda,
    Just stumbled on your blog and it’s lovely. Love your photographs. I have the same cookbook problem. Can’t seem to stop buying them!

  21. 21 Ansie

    Hi Linda

    I am so glad to find that there are other people with the same ‘cookbook problem’ – I have a collection of more than a 1000 books and still find that the cookbook section of shops (both new and second hand) are the ones that I cannot pass by … to say nothing of book stalls at markets… and I go nuts when I hear somebody is ‘giving away’ their cookbooks because they are ‘down sizing’ – gimme gimme gimme.

    At one stage I did not own a book that I had not cooked from – but (I am ashamed to say) at the moment I have a number that I read often but have not tried out a single recipe yet – mainly because the kitchen in my tiny ‘new’ (older than 80 years) house has not been ‘just right’ for my type of cooking. Getting there slowly so I will catch up, I hope.

    My current passion – fruit sorbets – new ice cream machine and summer coming up in South Africa!!

    Keep up the good work with your blog.

  22. 22 Maggie


    I just stumbled upon your blog as I googled “pear crumble” and it is absolutely fantastic! I live in Charleston, SC and just recently started a cooking blog of my own, just for fun. I am SO impressed with your photography and your web-design/layout. Any pointers as to how I could create a more “professional” looking site?? I’m on currently…

    Thanks and happy baking!
    Maggie L

  23. 23 Becstar

    Linda, my friend, you are absolutely amazing! Where do you find the time? You are an inspiration to all of us. You’re recipes look amazing and your photos give them the justice they deserve. You need to be published!!!!!
    I absolutely love your stuff and I’ve only browsed for a few minutes!


  24. Linda,

    I’m new to the food blogging world and the only thing I can say is that I’m flawed by your delicious images and recipes that look heavenly. I cannot wait to try out your Mocha Meringues. I’ve been collecting cookbooks for years and receive them for gifts. Thankfully to WWW its like a giant free cookbook oh and that the library for browsing before buying. heh
    Your site looks awesome, its clean and easy to maneuver.

  25. 25 Corey

    I see you’re reading Arabesque. I bought this book for my parents a year ago and they’ve made quite a few recipes from it. However, one standout, and I can’t remember the name, is a chicken roasted with raz al hanout and lemons. It’s, well… marvelous, and the raz al hanout actually becomes a fairly versatile spice mixture, perfect for blackening catfish, dusting potatoes, and just about anywhere that a little red kick is required. I actually keep a fairly large bottle of it mixed up in the cupboard now, ready to make anything a little bit more Middle Eastern at a moment’s notice.

    Almondine Bakery, NYC

  26. i don’t think you have a problem. i don’t have a problem with buying cookbooks and i have 397.. and counting.. i’m not addicted.. really.. :P

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