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Growing up, I was really blessed to be fed homecooked fresh Vietnamese food every night made by my mum. The usual meals would include rice vermicelli with satay pork and peanuts, rice paper rolls with prawns and hoisin dipping sauce, chicken congee with crunchy fried crullers, heady and fragrant beef pho and desserts would always […]

Thirty things that make me smile… A perfectly baked sponge cake with jam and cream. Photographing in natural light. Reminiscing about my first kiss. Soulful music. Eating anything wrapped in pastry. Laughter and uncontrollable giggles. Receiving a compliment from a stranger. Birthday and festive season celebrations with family. Deep and meaningful conversation with close friends. […]

One of my most favourite goodies to bake and eat are cookies. They are always so simple to prepare, the perfect accompaniment to a cup of tea or coffee and I never feel guilty when I eat more than a few (as opposed to eating a huge chunk of cake or pie). Four reasons why […]