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Regular readers would have noticed that the frequency of my baking and blogging has dwindled down to either once a month or even more. I used to bake up a storm, trying several recipes a week and posting at least once a week. I have just been so lazy in the winter months, uninspired and […]

With this post, you’re either going to love me or hate me. You will love me because I’m going to share a recipe for delicious brioche that you can make yourself, but then you will hate me because you’re going to take one look at the loooong list of steps, not even bother to attempt […]

My boyfriend has promised me a nice dinner tonight, so in return, I will be taking care of dessert. I’m feeling so lazy today and don’t really feel like making anything fancy, so I think an easy spiced chocolate mousse would be perfect. This dessert is a bit like love really… it’s spicy, it’s sweet […]