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Back in March 2006, Australia literally went bananas without bananas. You see, banana crops in northern Queensland were destroyed as a result of Cyclone Larry (hurricanes and cyclones are the same-ish if you’re wondering). Over 95% of the crops were depleted and we went without bananas for a very long time. Once they returned, they […]

Being unemployed, or a ‘lady of leisure’ as I like to call it, is absolutely great. I can sleep in, spend all day at home in my pajamas if I wanted to and I can take my time in making a tasty breakfast instead of the usual boring tub of yoghurt and piece of fruit […]

“If you don’t get rid of those disgusting bananas in the freezer, I will make you eat them all!” screeched my mother this morning, as she was cleaning out the deep freeze. I have a habit of storing overripe bananas in the freezer and my mum hates them (she doesn’t hate bananas, she just hates […]