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To celebrate Australia Day yesterday, I spent all day at the beach in Williamstown just chilling out with a few friends. We had a couple of beers, enjoyed some munchies and it was quite relaxing. It was beautifully warm day, but unfortunately, the weather was very Melbourne and erratic as ever, with sunshine one minute, […]

I’ve always wondered, is there any difference between a biscuit and a cookie? After doing a Google search (one of the best things ever invented), it seems that there is. In America, a cookie is a small, sweet, flat baked product and a biscuit is a type of small bread that is made using either […]

Yesterday I was meant to catch up with a friend for coffee and wanted to bring something sweet for us to share. Unfortunately, our plan to meet fell through, but it worked out in the end as I got to eat more tarts for myself! :) (don’t get me wrong, I’m not that greedy – […]