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Being unemployed, or a ‘lady of leisure’ as I like to call it, is absolutely great. I can sleep in, spend all day at home in my pajamas if I wanted to and I can take my time in making a tasty breakfast instead of the usual boring tub of yoghurt and piece of fruit […]

In five hours, yesterday afternoon, I managed to whip up four cakes: hummingbird cake with cream cheese icing, orange poppyseed syrup cake, peach raspberry almond yoghurt cake and a chocolate buttermilk cake with chocolate ganache. I made them for the christening celebration of my friend Chloe’s beautiful daughter Alyssa today. The party actually finished a […]

For the first time ever, I dropped a whole cake. I’m actually rather accident prone and I tend to break things, spill drinks, burn food and fall over my own two feet. Today was no exception. I made a beautiful orange cake this afternoon and followed the recipe, step by step without skipping a beat. […]