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Growing up, I was really blessed to be fed homecooked fresh Vietnamese food every night made by my mum. The usual meals would include rice vermicelli with satay pork and peanuts, rice paper rolls with prawns and hoisin dipping sauce, chicken congee with crunchy fried crullers, heady and fragrant beef pho and desserts would always […]

I love autumn and it’s my most favourite season of the year. The days are mild and sunny with lovely clear blue skies and crisp, gentle breezes. The night always seems to catch up on us unawares and I love how the deciduous trees’ leaves begin to change into pretty shades of red, yellow and […]

Crème Caramel


Crème caramel to the French, flan to the those in the Spanish speaking countries. Whatever you want to call it, until tonight, I had never tasted this old-school dessert before. My only experience with them has been salivating over them in foodie magazines, recipe books or on television cooking shows. You don’t often see them […]