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As I sit here and write this post at 2.55pm, the mercury has risen to 43.3°C (110°F for all you Farenheit lovers out there) with the sun fiercely burning down and melting all residing in Melbourne. It is disgustingly hot, too hot even for the beach for an ocean dip and there is nothing left […]

To celebrate Australia Day yesterday, I spent all day at the beach in Williamstown just chilling out with a few friends. We had a couple of beers, enjoyed some munchies and it was quite relaxing. It was beautifully warm day, but unfortunately, the weather was very Melbourne and erratic as ever, with sunshine one minute, […]

“If you don’t get rid of those disgusting bananas in the freezer, I will make you eat them all!” screeched my mother this morning, as she was cleaning out the deep freeze. I have a habit of storing overripe bananas in the freezer and my mum hates them (she doesn’t hate bananas, she just hates […]