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Your eyes are not fooling you… you are finally looking at a new post on Butter Sugar Flour. It has been 3 months since I last uploaded anything and I know that is a really poor effort. I’m sorry! Thanks to all those lovely readers who sent me emails of concern asking how I was […]

There’s just something about ice cream. I’ve been reminiscing about all kinds of events in my past, from my childhood, my teenage years, great summers and all sorts of celebrations and many of the happy memories involve my favourite treat of all: ice cream! For instance, when I think back to past family holidays, whether […]

Oh, gluttony is a sin I always seem to indulge in quite willingly and when it comes to Indian food, boy, do I indulge! My boyfriend and I eat Indian food quite often and we’re lucky that there are many great (and cheap!) Indian restaurants in Melbourne. It’s almost become a tradition to over-order and […]