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Sunday is my favourite day of the week in winter. It’s the perfect day to stay indoors, curled up on the sofa with a warm blanket, a mug of hot tea and a little something sweet to nibble on. That “little something sweet” for this Sunday is this really lemony blueberry cake. I first saw […]

Mmm, I love lemons! Sometimes only seen as the sour yellow cousin of the mighty orange or the accompanying friend in many an alcoholic beverage. They are one of the very few fruits which can be used well in both sweet and savoury dishes and they are available all year long. I’ve used them as […]

Lemon Slice


When I started this blog, I discovered the wonderful world of Flickr. It’s basically an online photo sharing community with millions of great photos. I love posting my own photos and being inspired by the brilliant photography and creativity of others. One recurring theme I’ve come across on Flickr are people sharing thirteen random points […]