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Your eyes are not fooling you… you are finally looking at a new post on Butter Sugar Flour. It has been 3 months since I last uploaded anything and I know that is a really poor effort. I’m sorry! Thanks to all those lovely readers who sent me emails of concern asking how I was […]

Last month, my full-time job was made redundant (thanks global financial crisis!) and being unemployed for five weeks prior to Christmas has made it tough in the money stakes, but luckily Mr. VISA has since come to my rescue.  For the last fortnight, I have been ringing up the credit, running around like a headless […]

I have a great memory. I remember lots of random facts (I’m good at trivia), can recite a song’s lyrics word for word after only listening to it a few times and I can sit and quote movies/television for hours (Scrubs, The Wedding Singer and Love, Actually are favourites). Also, I never, ever forget a […]