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Growing up, I was really blessed to be fed homecooked fresh Vietnamese food every night made by my mum. The usual meals would include rice vermicelli with satay pork and peanuts, rice paper rolls with prawns and hoisin dipping sauce, chicken congee with crunchy fried crullers, heady and fragrant beef pho and desserts would always […]

Lemon Slice


When I started this blog, I discovered the wonderful world of Flickr. It’s basically an online photo sharing community with millions of great photos. I love posting my own photos and being inspired by the brilliant photography and creativity of others. One recurring theme I’ve come across on Flickr are people sharing thirteen random points […]

At the end of this week, I will be unemployed. For most people it is rather depressing to have no job. But not for me… I’m elated! :) For the last seven months I’ve been working as an adminstrative assistant and it has literally bored me to tears. Sitting on my arse all day long, […]