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Mmm, I love lemons! Sometimes only seen as the sour yellow cousin of the mighty orange or the accompanying friend in many an alcoholic beverage. They are one of the very few fruits which can be used well in both sweet and savoury dishes and they are available all year long. I’ve used them as […]

Mango Tart


Just for your information, getting flour in the eye hurts like fucking hell. You’re probably asking “who the hell gets flour in their eyes?” Well I did today and it was not a good look! Let me set the scene… I am standing at my kitchen bench, ready to make the sweet shortcrust dough using […]

Yes, I’ve been slack. I haven’t updated this blog in over three weeks due to sickness (you can add a smidgen of laziness and a slight lack of inspiration to that excuse). It began with a throat infection and then I was hit with a rather nasty case of bronchitis which I’m still recovering from […]