I never thought I would be writing about baking in my very own blog, but here I am. I have been an avid follower of many food blogs over the years and have always wanted my own.

Since this blog is about me and my adventures in baking and all things sweet, here are a few points about me:

  • I’m 21 22 23 24 and live in Melbourne, Australia.
  • I used to be a chocoholic and have recently converted. I’m a vanilla girl now!
  • I own almost one hundred biscuit/cookie cutters (which I hardly ever use).
  • I have a degree in food science and nutrition (everyone knows 99% of what I bake is not good for the arteries or the waistline, but I can tell you why).
  • I love to cook regular food too, I’m just more interested in the sweet stuff.
  • I used to be a pastry chef apprentice, but only for 5 months.

There’s nothing I love more but being in the kitchen and pottering around. Without sounding too poetic, to me, I find it truly amazing that with a handful of simple ingredients, a bit of love and patience, you can produce something special as a cake for a birthday, biscuits to share over a cup of tea, or a delicious crumble for dessert.

Sometimes I wish I was just able to bake and make a career out of it, or even be blessed with the artistic eye as a food stylist or photographer. But having been down the path as a pastry apprentice before, I discovered that it didn’t feel right to pursue that career. I only bake for pleasure now, which is absolutely fine for me (plus everybody else who devours the food).

This blog is simply a place where I can put my thoughts to paper (well, web-page actually). I’m not a literary marvel, nor am I an outstanding photographer. I’m just your average, everyday kind of girl who simply likes to bake cake, play with her food and make it look pretty.

I hope you enjoy my blog, where I will post recipes, display my lame attempts at photography and occasionally ramble on about nothing in particular :)

Welcome to butter sugar flour

Linda xx



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